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New Year, New Ideas, Same Old Me

Hello all!  Gods it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here.  Or written in general for that matter.  I’m all graduated from college now and have my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.  So things have changed for me quite a bit, along with them my motivation and writing habits.  I have new games I’m playing, and new books I’m reading (though very few at the moment), and new ideas for writing.  And I finally completed a goal of mine: to publish Theo’s Story, or better now know as 2103: Destiny.  And not only get it published as an Ebook, but now as print-on-demand.  And of course I ordered myself a few copies, along with Star Catcher.

SAM_2947I’m quite pleased to have these two sitting on my bookshelf now.  And if you want to pick up a copy for yourselves, just head on over to the Ebooks page and grab your copy.

In the works next is the next book in line after Star Catcher, and the start to a series, hopefully.  Over the past year my writing slowed down to a complete stop and now has finally started to pick up again.  The pace is slow, but I’m pushing myself to get it going full force again.

To that matter, I didn’t participate in NaNoWriMo 2014.  Even though I had the time, I didn’t have the ideas or the drive.  To that end, I’ve had an idea for a new novel that’s been swimming around in my head lately and I’ve started to lay it out on paper (metaphorically).  It’s slow going, but I’m pushing myself as I want to see this idea come to fruition despite all the misgivings I’m having about it.  Those I will discuss in another post though.

Mostly I just wanted to let you all know that I’m not dead!  Though I doubt most will read this or even glance my way anymore (writing wise) since I vanished from the face of the Earth.  That’s not going to stop me, no, I need to get myself back in the game and not only write and edit to get more stories completed, I need to try and market them better as well.  To that end I started a Facebook page where you can “like” me if you so desire.  It’ll have similar posts to the site here, though more along the lines of minor updates.  Feel free to drop by and check it out.

I’ve also revamped the blog here with a new look and a header picture that hopefully looks alright.  I do my best with photoshop, but I’m definitely not a pro.  I get by with the simple things and hope they work for me.

Well, hope everyone likes the new look.  And I guess I should get back to writing.

Cheers!  See you next post!


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Spring Spirit

Spring has sprung—more or less where I am—and with it comes spring cleaning and getting ready for Spring term of college.  One week is not enough for me to be ready to go back to sitting hunched over the grindstone honing my brain into a sharp weapon of knowledge.  We’ll see if that every really happens.  I may just turn my brain to mush trying to hone it on a grindstone.  I don’t think that could be very good for a brain.

Nevertheless, I’ve been slacking off this past week as much as possible.  I got my apartment to looking nearly spick and span and have delved deep into the campaign of Gears of War: Judgment.  Which if you haven’t, I highly recommend that you take a look at it.  It’s got a great story and some fun gameplay to boot!

In other news though, I haven’t sold any more copies of Star Catcher, which I sort of expected to happen.  As much as I’ve been promoting it, college and other things have taken priority and I haven’t been promoting it at all.  So in light of that and slowly getting my arse in gear with Theo’s Story and getting that published, I figured I’ll drop the price down to $0.99.  A whole $2.00 drop.  All it means is less money for me.  But I put it out there for myself and anyone who wants to read it, not to make tons of money off of.  Aside from the fact that it’s my only book that I’ve published.

And if you haven’t picked up a copy yet, it’s super cheap now!  And—link!

Star Catcher

Help out a poor college student who needs to pay off his ever-increasing loans.  Haha, they’re not that bad—yet.

But I digress.  I was also thinking about publishing Star Catcher with Amazon’s Create Space which would enable it to be bought as a paperback.  I wonder though if that would have any influence on who would purchase it.  It would open up a new audience, though I would have to get back to work promoting it before anyone would even know about it.

Oh well, I’ll keep that option open.  For now though, I’m going to get back to enjoying my spring break!  Hope everyone is having a nice beginning to spring as well!  If not, get out there and enjoy it!


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Sneak Peak

Finals week is here, marking the end of Winter Term at College.  As such there’s a ton of studying and late nights staring blankly at textbooks, but there’s lots of procrastinating in between too.  And as a goal that I set for myself, I wanted to finally get somewhere with Theo’s Story.  And by that, I mean get it published.  Everything is just about ready.  I’m still undecided of whether I want to go with the one title I settled on or sit down and think up another one.  Either way, I’ve been working on the cover art for it slowly but steadily whenever I find the time, and the creative drive.  That being said, I wanted to share what I have with my readers out there.

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Titles and Copyrights

As it turns out, there is no such writing under any copyright law that states that a title can be copyrighted.  Titles can be trademarked and whatnot, so I wouldn’t go naming anything Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, but they can’t be copyrighted.  Quite the new and interesting fact I’ve just learned today!  And if you don’t believe me, Google it!

Also in other news, it’s a little on the late side (but you know how life gets in the way sometimes) happy 2013!  It’s a new year and with it comes new excuses to slack off.   And unfortunately that applies to me in every aspect.  From college homework to Christmas thank-you cards.  I’ve been slacking on it all.  Today is the first step to ending my slacking streak hopefully.

And with the new fact I’ve learned about copyrights and titles I can start by getting at title set for Theo’s Story!  Yay!

Ok, cheering over.  Nonetheless though, I should avoid having a duplicate title.  Thankfully though, I’ve done my research and there are no other titles that are similar to what I’ve been thinking all this time.

I really want to go with the title 2103.  I did find that this title was the title of an older movie that I have never heard of and I doubt most people would have as well  (if you have heard of it and/or seen it then you’re a step ahead of me!)  and it’s not a common enough title that they would have trademarked it either.  So—going off of that I want to attach something else to the title to change it up.  I know the story is going to be a trilogy, or at the very least it will have a sequel and I would like for them to have similar titles.

Here are some candidates that I’ve been thinking on:

2103: Silent Darkness (or a variation on that)

2103: The Coming Storm

2103: Post Earth (seems reminiscent of a movie that’s coming out soon)

2103: Serene Gail (the name of the ship that Theo ends up traveling aboard)

2103: Legacy (referring to Theo’s Uncle and how the FTL drive is his legacy)

FTL Drive (or a variation on that)

Though, what I’ve been really leaning toward has been 2103: Destiny.  I’ve been thinking that fits more with the story as the plot focuses around one character more than the FTL drive itself.  And stemming from that, the sequel work off of a similar theme.  For the two books I want to write after to continue the story, I was thinking 2104: Divergence, and 2110: Drive.  These are just tentative titles though, but I’ve been putting quite a bit of thought into them.

What do you think?

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Life and Upcoming NaNoWriMo

So… yeah… I’ve haven’t been back here in a while.  I kinda took an impromptu break from working on the blog when college suddenly hit.  That and it was also my birthday toward the beginning of the month.  The fourth to be exact.  And I also came down with a cold and I still can’t seem to shake the cough it left me with.  It’s not bad, but annoying.

Anyway, that’s my first excuse for why I haven’t updated in a while.  The second reason it college is back in full swing and this year is going to be a challenge.  Odd, I’m almost sure I said this last year too.  Déjà vu!  Well being a Junior this year I’ve entered into the higher level classes finally and they are more of a challenge than what I’ve taken before.  Thus the majority of me time and thoughts will be on studying.  This leaves me less time for writing, and as such, I’m going to change my random schedule that I had for posting and slim it down to once a week, if that.

We’ll see how it goes, but you all didn’t come here to listen to me give excuses and rant about college!  You came here to listen to me talk about my writing!  Right?  Regardless, that’s what I’m going to talk about.

Next month is NaNoWriMo!  I’m stoked!  And yet at the same time, I’m probably not going to be doing it as I will have no time with the previously mentioned college taking my life.  I also haven’t had any earth shaking ideas to inspire me in my writing.  Theo’s story still doesn’t have a title, not that I’ve actually devoted a massive chunk of my time to finding one or even trying to sketch out a cover.  It seems every time I come up with an idea for it, it doesn’t fit just right with the story or it’s already taken.  But with so many books and movies out there, it’s hard to not come across a title that hasn’t already been used.

Also Jayko hasn’t taken off anywhere in his story and I need to finish off the what I wrote last NaNoWriMo before I will be able to continue with his story.  Lately my mind has been with Aaron and how I can progress his story.  I’ve been stuck with how to progress his story along to the end I would like to see for it, but it’s hard when there’s not much when my creativity won’t cooperate.  I think that I need to pick up a book and start reading again, I haven’t done that in a while and I need to.  I’ve got a list of books I need to read and for some reason I just can’t bring myself to pick them up.

That aside, back to NaNoWriMo and Aaron, I did have a spark of an idea that I want to pursue.  It basically involves what happens to Aaron after the end of the storyline I’ve been posting here.  I want to end it in a way that leaves him stranded somehow.  From there I want him to discover what it truly means to wield the power he’s been bestowed with.  That and he has to find out what Headquarters is up to and stop them.  And there’s going to be something with Van, but I don’t want to reveal to much yet as I don’t even know what’s going to happen!

That said, I need to gauge my time and see if I can get my schedule in order by the end of this month if I’m even going to have any thoughts of trying to do NaNoWriMo.

So there you all have it, college, life, and NaNoWriMo wrapped up into one post.  And a long one at that.  I’d thought this was going to be a short post, but I apparently had more to say than originally planned.

Oh well, more of Aaron’s story is up next.  Happy Writing!



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Creativity Found, Motivation Lost

I’ve found it!  More or less that is.  But where I’ve found some of my creativity, wherever it had been hiding, my motivation has vanished there.  And just as I was getting settled into my apartment and getting things in order and starting to get a schedule going.

So, I have found out that moving into an apartment and going to college at the same time is really hard.  About half the boxes are unpacked and their contents put away.  I was able to get the majority of my stuff unpacked, but my roommate on the other hand has quite a bit of stuff and he’s busy trying to keep up with his summer classes to get it put away.  I’ve tried to do my best, but it just hasn’t happened.

And neither has my writing.  I’ve gotten no where with Theo’s Story.  I’m just starting to get ideas popping into my head for Aaron’s little tale and want to start writing on that, but all I’ve been able to do is play Minecraft.  At least I’m able to put my creativity into that.

I think one of the reasons that I haven’t had any motivation is because it’s so hot here.  Our apartment has no A/C and with the weather having been so hot, and us having two computers running nearly 24/7 it heats up the place.  We’ve got multiple fans running around the clock as well, but it just doesn’t help all that much at times.

So that doesn’t help.  Heck, it was hard enough trying to sit down in a hot room to write this post, but I figured I should force myself to start writing something again.  I can’t neglect my readers.  Therefore this weekend I am forcing myself to sit down and write something.  Or it may be sooner, but not later!  I can’t put my writing off anymore.  I want to get Theo published, and it will happen before the end of the summer!

There!  I’ve set a goal, now let’s see if I can stick to it.  Without any motivation, that might be hard, but I’m going to damn well try!

Now, off to force myself do homework that I have even less motivation to do.


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Where I’ve been and Where I’m Going

Well, what a coincidence… meeting you here. Oh wait, that’s your line.  I haven’t written anything on here for a while now, if two weeks counts as a while.  It sure seems like it, a lot has happened for me. 

I finished off my spring term of college and it’s well into summer now, and I’m starting my Summer term today.  Yes, I’m taking summer classes, but not because I have to, I just was to see if I can get a little bit ahead and take some of the load off of this coming Fall term.  It’s going to be hectic, or so I hear.

In these past weeks, I’ve had a nice break though. I got to go home and see my family, which I was really happy to do, and just chill for a week before I have to get back to the grind.

So, I’m back, or mostly back.  This next week is going to be an interesting one.  I’m kinda between homes right now, and on July 1st I get my apartment.  Yay!  Big yay!  It’s a new step for me and hopefully it won’t be too stressful with moving and going to class.  Thankfully I only have two classes, but I think they will prove to be a challenge nonetheless.

Needless to say this will all effect this blog.  I will try to get back to a regular posting schedule during the summer, but with these next weeks keeping me moving around, I will be hard pressed to get much writing or thinking on my novel done.  And sadly, over my break, I’ve had not inspiration as to the title for Theo’s Story… so that’s still sitting at the forefront of my list of things to get done this summer.  Hopefully in the next month, I would like to have another book to publish and present to you guys.

That’s kinda where I’m going, and where I’ve been.  I’m going to resume with writing Black-Heart if my creativity will let me.  I’ve hit a brick wall with him, so, the story may get a little rocky as I try to smash through the wall.  Brute force style of course, write until something strikes me.

I’ll update on what’s happening with Theo when something new decides to happen.  And I think it’s time a sat down and did some brainstorming sessions which is what I’m off to do next after finishing this post.  Speaking of which, when you all have something that needs some brainstorming, how do you go about it?  I’d like to hear how you brainstorm and come about your own inspiration.

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