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New Year, New Ideas, Same Old Me

Hello all!  Gods it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here.  Or written in general for that matter.  I’m all graduated from college now and have my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.  So things have changed for me quite a bit, along with them my motivation and writing habits.  I have new games I’m playing, and new books I’m reading (though very few at the moment), and new ideas for writing.  And I finally completed a goal of mine: to publish Theo’s Story, or better now know as 2103: Destiny.  And not only get it published as an Ebook, but now as print-on-demand.  And of course I ordered myself a few copies, along with Star Catcher.

SAM_2947I’m quite pleased to have these two sitting on my bookshelf now.  And if you want to pick up a copy for yourselves, just head on over to the Ebooks page and grab your copy.

In the works next is the next book in line after Star Catcher, and the start to a series, hopefully.  Over the past year my writing slowed down to a complete stop and now has finally started to pick up again.  The pace is slow, but I’m pushing myself to get it going full force again.

To that matter, I didn’t participate in NaNoWriMo 2014.  Even though I had the time, I didn’t have the ideas or the drive.  To that end, I’ve had an idea for a new novel that’s been swimming around in my head lately and I’ve started to lay it out on paper (metaphorically).  It’s slow going, but I’m pushing myself as I want to see this idea come to fruition despite all the misgivings I’m having about it.  Those I will discuss in another post though.

Mostly I just wanted to let you all know that I’m not dead!  Though I doubt most will read this or even glance my way anymore (writing wise) since I vanished from the face of the Earth.  That’s not going to stop me, no, I need to get myself back in the game and not only write and edit to get more stories completed, I need to try and market them better as well.  To that end I started a Facebook page where you can “like” me if you so desire.  It’ll have similar posts to the site here, though more along the lines of minor updates.  Feel free to drop by and check it out.

I’ve also revamped the blog here with a new look and a header picture that hopefully looks alright.  I do my best with photoshop, but I’m definitely not a pro.  I get by with the simple things and hope they work for me.

Well, hope everyone likes the new look.  And I guess I should get back to writing.

Cheers!  See you next post!


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Longing for the Good Old Days

Recently I’ve been talking with someone about Star Catcher and it’s been great getting to hear the thoughts that have gone through their head while reading the story.  I love hearing what people have to say about my stories, how they view the characters, if they like them or hate them, are drawn in by one aspect or another of the story.  But lately it’s gotten me thinking about how I wrote Star Catcher, the style that I used, the wording, the description, the emotion, everything.  Thinking back on when I first wrote the story during NaNoWriMo, I remember pounding out as many words as possible to meet the count for that day and nothing else, but I when I go back and read the story, the level of immersion that I feel with the characters, with the universe, boggles my mind.

Over the last year or so I’ve been working on two more novel length stories that follow after Star Catcher and as I think about how I’m writing them, the wording that I’m using, the description, the emotion that I’m trying to convey in them, it feels forced.  The characters have changed and it feels as if they are only partly there, like I’m missing some aspect of them that I somehow included in Star Catcher but seem to have lost in the preceding time between the stories.

I guess in that time between stories, I’ve changed as well.  I find myself rarely thinking about the universe Star Catcher is set in.  Granted there have been times that I have had spurts of inspiration to write and post some random scene from that universe to here, but even in those, they don’t feel the same as Star Catcher does when I reread it.  So, what’s missing?  Is it the forced creativity brought forth in the rush of NaNoWriMo?  The innocence of a freshman college student?  The lack of stress during those days?  The new-found freedom of being on my own?

I also find myself reading less and less these days.  I have not had the drive to search out or pick up a new book to read.  I attribute this mostly to financial and college stresses.  There were days when I would give anything to stay lost in a bookstore for hours on end and spend my wallet dry.  I find the same thing happening with video games.  My list of unfinished games is growing and though I have some initial elation from getting new games I barely make time to pick them up, instead turning to mindless internet surfing to fill my down-time.  Granted, Minecraft has been an addiction that has helped to fill my time as well and I enjoy playing with family and friends, but even that has suffered from this lack of drive that I seem to have acquired.

I would like to attribute this all to the stresses of college and working to obtain an engineering degree, but I feel there’s more to it.  I have lost habits that I have had in the past and have developed new ones to replace them that I feel are less productive in some sense of the word.  While anime has sufficed to provide me with the level of story immersion that I recall experiencing from books, I do long to return to my paper-bound roots, as it were.

While my thoughts these days reside with financial, career, and future choices, as well as food and house-hold chores, in my late night introspective musings, as I write this, I find myself considering all the changes that have happened in my life to bring me to this point in my writing.  I started this blog as a way to promote myself, Star Catcher, and any future writing.  I have long since fallen off with updating it regularly, much to my own disappointment and possibly that of others.  Since going a second year in the dorms, obtaining roommates, and having lived in two different apartment arrangements, I feel I have lost that sense of freedom that I once had when I first was left to my own devices at college.

Now, I know I’ve rambled completely off topic I’m sure from my original intent for this post, but let me come full circle.  Rereading sections of Star Catcher, Jayko’s character, while reserved and not without troubles, is happy and care-free.  While I tried to capture some of that in the second story, I find he is less of the character he was, without depth and missing that extra energy.  The setting of the story doesn’t help this in any way I suppose as I decided to start crumbling his world around him, but even with that, he should still be able to achieve that depth of character.  I feel this is worse in the third story, where I have thrown him into the military war-machine in an attempt to mold him into the future character that I had set up so long ago.  But I feel he’s losing that happy, care-free side of himself in all of this and that part of him needs to survive if I want to keep that depth for him.  And truth be told, I’m probably describing my thoughts on this in the most side-ways way possible and this could all be attributed to random, delusional, late-night, caffeine-induced, introspective musings.

But, and I stress that ‘but’… I have gained several things that I know I need to do:

  1. I need to pick up a book again.  Maybe a past book, one that I loved, get myself back into the series, reread it to bring back the enjoyment that I once felt when I first cracked it open.
  2. I need to reread Star Catcher.  I need to get that feeling of the original story back in my brain.  Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up on my old writing style and merge it back into my current stories, improve upon it, etc.
  3. Revisit character bios and get a feel for who my characters are again.  I’ve lost touch with them, that much I can feel.  I need to do more character spotlights and develop them, build upon old bios and flesh them out to get a feel of who they are in the current stories while retaining certain aspects from past stories.
  4. I need to write.  Doesn’t matter what, I just need to start writing again.  Not bi-monthly, not bi-weekly.  I need to do some sort of writing at least every other day to pick up the pieces of my shattered creativity.  (We’ll see how well I stick to this one.  It is something I need to do however.)

I guess as the days march along I will find out if I will stick to any of these goals or if they are just random, delusional, late-night, caffeine-induced, introspective musings that won’t amount to more than another blog post.  Here’s that I will.



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A Long While

Or at least that’s what it’s felt like.  I can’t remember when it was that I last posted, but it has been a while.  As this Spring Term of college comes to a close I find myself winding down from all the tension and stress of classes and into a sort of acceptance of my performance, or lack-there-of this term.  I worked hard on many of my classes, but sometimes, things just don’t click and you don’t get the grade you want.  Let’s just say, I’m happy with a passing grade and not having to retake the class.

Anyway, I’m not here to lament about college and all that, I’m here to talk about writing!

I have very few updates and couple things I’m going to try and do in the next week.  Good news is, I got Star Catcher published in paperback and it looks great!  I need to post a link on the site for it still, it’s something I’ve been meaning to do, but have not gotten around to doing.  The book’s up and ready for purchase though CreateSpace, by Amazon.  It’s print on demand, and sadly will not be in bookstores, but nevertheless, it’s superb news!

Next update I have is about Aaron’s Story, Black-Heart.  I dropped it back when NaNoWriMo started, I believe, can’t quite remember, and I never picked it back up as I was out of ideas and wasn’t sure where I was going with it.  So, I spent some time reading through the older posts to refresh myself and boy do I have to do some editing on many of those posts.  Lots of little things, but it was hard to just read and not see them.  So I will need to go back, but that’s for later when I have the time.

The reason I bring Aaron back up, is I was able to finish off the last scene I was writing about him and I want to start posting again.  When we left off with him, he’d just gotten his backside handed to him by Barret Bray, his long time rival, and had just finished healing and catching up with Grace back onboard the airship.  He was just starting back into his old training regimen, deciding that he needs to get stronger if he wants to beat Barret.  And, following this quick recap, the next post will pick up right with where we left off with him starting his training.

So, happy reading, happy writing, and… happy final’s week to all of you who have college!  Don’t stress out too much!  Good advice all around.


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Random Short #15: A Way Out

Hello internets!  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  Well, at least it’s been a while since I posted something here.

College has gotten, as usual, crazy hectic and who knows how much more hectic it will get in the coming months as I try to find the motivation to sit and study up.  I figure I’ll get through it somehow, I always seem to.  But, that’s not why I’m here.  I just wanted to write a short update and give a taste of what’s been going through my head lately.  I’ve really been itching to get back to writing, but it seems like forever since I did anything writing related, so I’m feeling real rusty.  At the same time though, I did take the time to try and scrape off the layer of rust and finish up the last few chapters of the next book after Star Catcher.  I think I’ve called it a sequel in the past, but it’s really just a new story unto itself.

So, I got that finished up and now it’s time to start editing it.  I’ll have more to say on that later, but at the same time, I’m trying to get my mind back into novel planning mode, which I’m finding really hard.  I keep coming up with ideas and having no where for them to go, no good way to fit them into a coherent story.  I think I just need to sit down and start writing again.  So, I did!  And below is the result.  It’s not a beginning, it’s not an end, it’s somewhere in the middle.  It takes play sometime after the sequel that I just finished up.  So let’s call it a scene from the sequel to the sequel.  That’s a lot of sequels.  Anyway, it’s a little out of context, so if you want some back-story, head on over to the shiny new E-book page and pick up copy of Star Catcher– available in paperback soon!  This follows the characters from it, so happy reading!


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Spring Spirit

Spring has sprung—more or less where I am—and with it comes spring cleaning and getting ready for Spring term of college.  One week is not enough for me to be ready to go back to sitting hunched over the grindstone honing my brain into a sharp weapon of knowledge.  We’ll see if that every really happens.  I may just turn my brain to mush trying to hone it on a grindstone.  I don’t think that could be very good for a brain.

Nevertheless, I’ve been slacking off this past week as much as possible.  I got my apartment to looking nearly spick and span and have delved deep into the campaign of Gears of War: Judgment.  Which if you haven’t, I highly recommend that you take a look at it.  It’s got a great story and some fun gameplay to boot!

In other news though, I haven’t sold any more copies of Star Catcher, which I sort of expected to happen.  As much as I’ve been promoting it, college and other things have taken priority and I haven’t been promoting it at all.  So in light of that and slowly getting my arse in gear with Theo’s Story and getting that published, I figured I’ll drop the price down to $0.99.  A whole $2.00 drop.  All it means is less money for me.  But I put it out there for myself and anyone who wants to read it, not to make tons of money off of.  Aside from the fact that it’s my only book that I’ve published.

And if you haven’t picked up a copy yet, it’s super cheap now!  And—link!

Star Catcher

Help out a poor college student who needs to pay off his ever-increasing loans.  Haha, they’re not that bad—yet.

But I digress.  I was also thinking about publishing Star Catcher with Amazon’s Create Space which would enable it to be bought as a paperback.  I wonder though if that would have any influence on who would purchase it.  It would open up a new audience, though I would have to get back to work promoting it before anyone would even know about it.

Oh well, I’ll keep that option open.  For now though, I’m going to get back to enjoying my spring break!  Hope everyone is having a nice beginning to spring as well!  If not, get out there and enjoy it!


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Mmm, Brain Pie. Care to Donate?

It’s been a really rough week and I’m glad it’s finally Friday.  Mass Effect 3 here I come!Well, hopefully I’ll find some time to play, as I have a test that I need to study for on Monday, but that’s a story for another time.

What I wanted to talk about today is a post I was reading just this morning.  The post was titled: There’s Writing, and Then There’s Writing by Catana.  She has quite few thought provoking posts on writing and I enjoy reading her blog.

In this post she spoke about writers who write one draft of their novel and do a couple of edit and then publish it.  I know there was more to it than just that, but it got me thinking about my work.  I’m a pantser – to put it in NaNo terms – a writer who writes by the seat of his/her pants without an outline to go off of.  My writing runs off of pure creativity and when I’m done writing, at times my stories can have a good number of plot holes.  I won’t say that any of my stories are ever complete right off the bat, there is plenty of editing that goes on, but the way I write, the way my mind seems to work, I write like I’m watching a movie.  I don’t know if anyone else writes like that, but that’s just me.

Anyway, when I set down to edit, I usually don’t end up making that many, if any, major changes to the story.  This is definitely true of Star Catcher.  I only added on a couple of chapters to tie up a few loose ends that I thought the story had, but not much more than that.  Then I did a few more cursory passes to catch other minor errors and inconsistencies, speaking of which, I still have a minor couple I need to correct still, and then I went about publishing it.  Star Catcher is the first story I’ve ever published, so I don’t expect it to be or consider it to be perfect in any sense of the word.  I wrote the story that I wanted to hear and polished it up enough to where it wasn’t awful to look at and put it out there for anyone else who wanted to read it.

Needless to say, I’m a beginning writer, but looking back on what I’ve written, there are very few stories out of the ones that I have or am writing that I used an outline or didn’t come out the way I wanted the first time.  There is an exception to that though.  The novel that I wrote for this last NaNo which is set aside for now needs some major tweaking before it will be ready for any reader other than me too touch.  It needs a chapter revised and a I need to finish up the last part of it.  I was trying something new with it and don’t know if I like who it turned out.

With Theo’s Story, that one I wrote from an outline, and it turned out nicely I think, and I didn’t have to do too much editing on it.  This last pass that I’m doing currently is to catch spelling mostly.  I do have one part that I want to look at, but it’s nothing major.

Anyway this is just my introspective rambling and the flow of my thoughts on the matter, and if it seems like I’m looking too deep into my own methods, this tends to happen a lot.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all emo, it’s just the way my brain works.

The point to this is, and there is a point, for those of you who read Star Catcher, and the few who’ve read Theo’s Story, do you think they are complete?  Do they need more major editing before they are worthy of being deemed “good”?  If that even makes any sense.

And I’m not fishing for approval of my work now.  My one pet-peeve about writing is that I can never seems to get good feedback on my work.  Don’t get me wrong, everyone who helped me to edit Star Catcher and Theo gave excellent feedback and I am thankful for that!

I’m probably digging myself into a metaphorical hole here with this blog post.  I was trying to start a discussion, but I don’t think I’ve mastered the art of writing a good thought provoking post just yet.  I’m rambling again.

Does a “good” book need to take a long journey of editing and revising before it’s published?

Can a book that turned out the way the writer wanted on the first draft and only needs a little editing in the eyes of the writer be considered complete and ready to publish?

Food for thought — or thought for food.  Mmmmm, brain pie.  Care to donate?


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Read an Ebook! March 4th to the 10th!



*Stands and cheers*  It’s Read an Ebook Week!  March 4th through the 10th! And since it’s already the 5th, I’m a little behind.  Nonetheless, all this week participating authors on Smashwords will have their ebooks on sale!  So pick one up and start reading this week and help out indie authors!

And in honor of this week, Star Catcher will be 50% off using this promo-code: REW50.

So pick up your copy this week at half-off!

Also, I finally got around to publishing on Amazon since Smashwords, as I have found out doesn’t seem to distribute to them.  I did some looking around, but I have no clue as to why they don’t.  So whatever.  Star Catcher is on Amazon now and on B&N too.  The promo-code above is only good for Smashwords though, I’m not sure if any other sites are doing Read an Ebook Week Specials, but if you want too, you can pick up a copy there too.

Happy reading!

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