Starcatcher - Cover - Final - ResizedOn the Fringe of Space

Jayko Troven lost his family at the age of six. Adopted by Aronon, the Captain of the Star Catcher, a freelance cargo ship, Jayko grew up traveling from one star to the next. Restless from a life of work and travel, he wonders if there is more out there for him in the galaxy. But, when the captain takes on a cargo destined for Jayko’s homeworld, events from the past come rushing back to Jayko, dredging up memories he’d buried long ago. As trouble starts to brew in the skies above his homeworld, he must make a difficult decision about the cargo that could usher in a new era or destroy the planet he’d once called home.


J.A. Dalley    “Great book! This book reminded me a lot of the Solar Clipper series and V and A Shipping, or even Firefly. So if you enjoyed either of those this should be a fun read too. The characters are well developed and you feel like you really know them by the time the book ends. Even though this book is about a freelance shipper it is action packed and an overall great read. I highly recommend it!”

 Available for Purchase!

Star Catcher is available from Amazon for $0.99 and is also available in paperback from Amazon CreateSpace for $6.99.

2103: DestinyThe Stolen Secret

In 2053 World War III turned Earth into a nuclear wasteland and left those who’d fled to space stranded, unable to return to their home planet. Fifty years have passed since the War and humanity has slowly reestablished itself on Mars and throughout the Solar System. Without Earth’s resources though, times are tough for even the most fortunate of spacefarers. Out of desperation to expand their assets, the corporations plying the asteroid belt scramble to find new technologies and ways to explore beyond the confines of the Solar System.

On the edge of the system, the secret that humanity has tried for so long to grasp since it first touched the stars has been discovered, and the Corporations plying the asteroid belt want it for themselves. But when that secret is stolen, sent away with a wayward smuggler to Mars, the Corporations become frantic to get their hands back on it.

Over Mars, the tough times of the Solar System mean a living hell for Theo Orlann working on the Marineris Space Elevator. That is, until he is dragged away from it all by Dustin Anthony. A rogue smuggler on the run from a powerful Corporate CEO, Dusty liberates Theo from his dead-end life on Mars, thrusting him into the life of adventure in the black cosmos. As they flee Mars, Theo learns that Dusty holds a secret, stolen from Neptune Station and the CEO chasing them. A secret that could be the key to humanity expanding beyond the bounds of the Solar System. A secret, linked to Theo.

Available for Purchase!

2103: Destiny is available on Kindle ($2.99) and Paperback ($7.99) from Amazon.


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