Hardest Thing(s) About Writing

For me that is… everyone has their own gripes about it, but this is the hardest thing about writing for me, currently sitting in the number one spot:  Picking up a half-finished manuscript after leaving it sit for a long while, maybe a year or so.

It’s hard to get back into it, to get into the mindset of writing, or working on it, of who the characters are/were at the time.  I’ve decided that I want to get at least one of the two unfinished manuscripts I have lying around completed so I can start the editing process and get something else out there.  I’d have Theo’s story out there already but I still don’t have a title or cover for it and that’s sitting in number two on my list of gripes about writing.  Titles are hard to come up with.  Especially if you want it to fit the story and be catchy at the same time or something like that.

Number three on my list is tying to remember to get a blog post out there more or less frequently.  I’ve become terrible at remembering as I haven’t the mindset to do any form of writing.

Today, I’m going to sit myself down and force some words on to the page.  They may end up being a jumble of randomness, but I will at least have something to go off of.

So, what do you think are the hardest things about writing?



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2 responses to “Hardest Thing(s) About Writing

  1. Revisiting Old Material Is The Hardest For Me, Also.
    In Fact, Sometimes, It Feels Impossible To Get Back Into A Past Past Mindset.
    I Continue To Struggle With It, Fo SHO.

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