Coming to a Close: November

So, it’s November thirtieth, NaNoWriMo is coming to a close, and I am sad to say that I will not be able to make to 50,000 words this year.  And I have an explanation as to why I was not able to reach the goal that I’ve reached in past years.


That’s my explanation for my lack of writing time.  I’m in Pro-school this year, as a Junior and as an engineering student, I do a lot of work.  More than a lot.  Most of my time between classes and on weekends is taken up by work and what little free time I do have, I spend it sleeping.  And when I did find time to write I wasn’t able to pound out enough words to stay ahead of the curve on this one.

So… let’s just say I have half a manuscript and leave it at that for this November.  It’s not a full one, but it’s something to continue working off of.  That unto itself I feel is an accomplishment, so to every NaNo participant out there who didn’t make it to 50,000, don’t feel bad.  You’ve done a great thing!  You took the plunge and you came out with something.  Hopefully came out with something. Even if you didn’t, that’s ok too.

I’ll keep working on it over the next few months and see if something comes of it.  I was also running low on ideas for what to do next in the story.  Writing Aaron’s story the way I have been, blog post by blog post has been much nicer in a way as it gives me time to think of where the plot needs to go and take it a scene at a time.  Trying to cram it all into one month was a bit of a challenge this time, especially with college.

And on that note, finals week is next week!  Which means I have no class, any may be able to work on some more writing between the many hours of studying I plan to do so I can pass all my classes.  Woot!

Short update.  I will hopefully have more as the term comes to a close and I begin to get more sleep.

Until then, happy writing!



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