NaNoWriMo Update

It’s been a while since I was able to sit down a actually post something in the past few weeks.  I kinda figured this would happen.  School takes up a ton what would be considered free time when you’re learning engineering.  And on that note, I will say that I have not been able/motivated to squeeze in writing for NaNo in what little time I do have that’s free.  I haven’t given up yet, but let’s just say that I’m going to be doing a lot of writing this weekend if I want to catch up.

But, until then, lots of class, lots of homework.  Here’s an excerpt!  Cheers!

The high frequency vibrations of the engines thrummed from of every metal surface and bulkhead of the starship.  The ship had that new feeling to it.  It was solidly built, though it’s engines were poorly dampened as if it had been rushed into service in a time of great need.  The vibrations were the pulse of the ship and as long as that pulse didn’t die out, the ship would keep flying.
This was the only thing that kept crossing Aaron’s mind as he drifted in and out of consciousness, barely able to focus on his surroundings before he drifted back into the darkness.  There was nothing more that he wanted than to wake up.  The vibrations mingled with the itching that coursed through his body.  Confined to his thoughts though, all he was able to do was to think of the good old days when he was able to feel the wind on his face, the feel of the rough wood of the airship beneath his feet.  It was the one thing he wanted more than to wake up.  He wanted to fly again through the clouds, to sail the skies by his lonesome.
However, that had not been his reality.
Drifting into a semi-conscious state again, Aaron became aware of hands gripping his body.  The sensation of movement and the pressure of being thrown over a shoulder.
Something was different.  Before when he had been in this state he had heard and felt nothing but the thrum of the ship.  Now however, he could make out voices.  Trying to remember how to focus his mind he reached out for the sound of the voices.
"–don’t know why you’re doing this.  Why not just kill him?"
The voice was a woman’s.  It was harsh and forceful, but with an underlying tone of someone who thought themselves above others.
"I cannot go back upon my word."
The other voice, closer than the woman’s, was a man.  Aaron was sure he was the one carrying him.
"Can’t go back on your honor… a load of–"
"My honor is the only thing keeping me from cutting you down at the moment as well.  I will not compromise it."  The response was a harsh one.  Harsher than Aaron ever remembered coming from the familiar voice.
There was a subtle change in the vibrations of the ship.  They increased in frequency from what Aaron could feel and there high pitched whine had started.
"We’re descending finally.  The bastards couldn’t find their way through until now," came the retort from the female voice.
The man didn’t respond.
Aaron felt himself being shifted around and suddenly there the sound of hydraulics and the rush of air around him.  The smell of fuel and burning hit his senses.
"A man unworthy to wield his weapon.  A man without any honor does not deserve this test, but I will keep me word to that woman.  I know you can hear me Aaron Black.  Survive this and prove to me your honor or die and prove that woman wrong.  Until then I will be waiting."
There was a snort from the woman.  "Let’s get this over with.  We have finish what we started."
In the next instant Aaron felt himself falling.  The pressure of being carried and of the hands that had been holding him faded away and all he could feel was the rush of cool air on his skin.  He could do nothing all he could think of was the last thing he heard.  The fall was short though and he felt the ground rush up at him, slamming him into it with enough force to wind him.  He heard and felt something break at the same time.  The pain radiated up through his body all at once.  His mind went blank and he lost consciousness altogether, forgetting what he had heard, forgetting why he had failed, and forgetting what he was fighting to stay alive for.


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