Arrrrr! Ahoy Mateys!

Ahoy ye land lubbers!  T’day be the International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  It be a day to take a grand voyage and plunder ships for their treasures!  And it be me favorite day o’ the year!

An t prove to ye I ain’t tellin a tall tale, here be the official banner from the website!

Now to help ye wit’ yer plunderin and pillagin, here be an magical movin’ picture t’ help ye with troubles:

Arrrrrr! Courtesy of Loading Ready!


Now, me hearties!  If I’d a been more prepared for me voyage this fine day I would’a had a fine tale for ye t lend yer eyes t’,but alas I’ve no rum to help me creativity along.  If I do think of a fine tale to tell t’day I’ll be hanging it from the riggin’ right quick fer yer eye’s t see.

But don’ be lazin about ye ship all day ya rum-soaked bilge rats!  Get out an’ do some plunderin an have jolly good time!  Arrrr!


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