Update on Black-Heart

Well, here we are again… and I have no real updates on what’s been happening with Theo’s Story.  I’m still stuck on a title, and like I keep telling myself, I just need to sit down and start working on the cover art.  It’ll probably help me get ideas into my head for what I want the title to be–hopefully.

On the other end of things I was going strong with Black-Heart for a while there, but as I was writing this last part of it, I was having trouble coming up with a transition between scenes.  Aaron’s hurt bad and Van just showed Barret a thing or two about fighting and now I’m stuck.  I need to make a transition that gets them out of the city and onto Aaron’s ship again.  And I have a feeling it’s going to take more than just one post to do it.  There’s a lot that I would like to see happen in between.  Especially with what was happening with Aaron and Grace just before Barret interrupted.

Oh!  P.S.  — If you haven’t been reading Black-Heart this post does contain some spoilers.  Probably should have put that at the beginning.  Oh well, I’ll try not to spoil too much for anyone.

And for those of you who haven’t read it and are waiting for it to be complete before you read it, I have good news for you!  I started in on consolidating the posts into yWriter (the novel writing software I use), and will probably start in on editing and getting it put together into a more novel-esque format.  That way when the story is all done and finished, all of you waiting to read it in it’s entirety will have it in a nice little easy to read package.

Now, back to spoilers!

What I have planned for Aaron is a recovery and training session in the next posts after I make the transition to his ship somehow.  I want him to realize that he needs to learn how to use his power and find a way to control the curse somehow to make himself stronger.  So for that he will be needing to turn to Van.  I would also like Grace to join him on board his ship as they leave the Flying City again on their way to Mai’s target.  My problem that I’m having is that Grace needs to break ties with her current guy friend in the city before she can take off with Aaron.  And I have a feeling that’s going to be tough to do.

I guess all I can do is to keep writing and see what happens!

Happy writing, all!



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