Where I’ve been and Where I’m Going

Well, what a coincidence… meeting you here. Oh wait, that’s your line.  I haven’t written anything on here for a while now, if two weeks counts as a while.  It sure seems like it, a lot has happened for me. 

I finished off my spring term of college and it’s well into summer now, and I’m starting my Summer term today.  Yes, I’m taking summer classes, but not because I have to, I just was to see if I can get a little bit ahead and take some of the load off of this coming Fall term.  It’s going to be hectic, or so I hear.

In these past weeks, I’ve had a nice break though. I got to go home and see my family, which I was really happy to do, and just chill for a week before I have to get back to the grind.

So, I’m back, or mostly back.  This next week is going to be an interesting one.  I’m kinda between homes right now, and on July 1st I get my apartment.  Yay!  Big yay!  It’s a new step for me and hopefully it won’t be too stressful with moving and going to class.  Thankfully I only have two classes, but I think they will prove to be a challenge nonetheless.

Needless to say this will all effect this blog.  I will try to get back to a regular posting schedule during the summer, but with these next weeks keeping me moving around, I will be hard pressed to get much writing or thinking on my novel done.  And sadly, over my break, I’ve had not inspiration as to the title for Theo’s Story… so that’s still sitting at the forefront of my list of things to get done this summer.  Hopefully in the next month, I would like to have another book to publish and present to you guys.

That’s kinda where I’m going, and where I’ve been.  I’m going to resume with writing Black-Heart if my creativity will let me.  I’ve hit a brick wall with him, so, the story may get a little rocky as I try to smash through the wall.  Brute force style of course, write until something strikes me.

I’ll update on what’s happening with Theo when something new decides to happen.  And I think it’s time a sat down and did some brainstorming sessions which is what I’m off to do next after finishing this post.  Speaking of which, when you all have something that needs some brainstorming, how do you go about it?  I’d like to hear how you brainstorm and come about your own inspiration.


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