Theo Story Description

College: a combination of studying, tests, and professors constantly assigning more and more work for already overworked students.  A very apt definition for my current situation.  Yay finals!

My procrastination has finally gotten the better of me and I was actually able to whip up a description for Theo’s Story.  I still don’t have a better title for it, but this will help me with brainstorming I think.

I know my past few posts have mostly been descriptions of Theo’s story and brainstorming a title, but this one is the first draft of the description that will go with the book.

For you reading pleasure:

50 years have passed since the war that left the Earth a radioactive wasteland and the remnants of humanity scattered and stranded in the Solar System without a home.  In that time, the settlement on the Moon, it’s population swollen with refugees from Earth has expanded into a city, supplying the resources needed to jumpstart the colonies on Mars.  With corporations plying the belt for resources and humanity finally reestablishing in space, resources are becoming scarce without Earth’s aid, and the only way for humanity to expand is to break free of the confines of the Solar System.

Theo Orlann’s life was a living hell, on the Marineris Space Elevator.  With no money and a dead-end job to show for all his hard work, he dreams of escaping to the stars.  When he is suddenly kidnapped by a rouge smuggler by the name off Dustin Anthony, his life suddenly turned upside down and he finds himself living his dream.

On the run from the most powerful corporate CEO in the Solar System, smuggler Dustin Anthony holds the secret that could let humanity expand beyond the confines of the Solar System, or could start a war over who controls it.  The only problem is, his link to deciphering the secret is a young mechanic by the name of Theo Orlann.

Learning that the CEO, Baron Garza, is after the secret for himself, Theo realizes that he must keep the secret from Garza’s hands, even if it costs him his life.”

It’s a little on the short side in my opinion and it does need work, a little shaping, and some re-wording.  I’d like your opinion though, bring forth the criticism!

What do you think?


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