Long Time, Short Update

Hey all!  Yeah, I know I’ve been silent for at least a week now.  Things have gotten rather complicated here at college and I suddenly just kinda dropped off the face of the Earth, both metaphorically and physically.

So, short update, college sucks.  It’s not easy and I was having doubts, but got my reasons for being here reaffirmed and I was able to banish my doubts.  Still though, college is kicking my ass, and I could use a break but I’m not going to get it.

I did however finish my last edit of Theo’s Story.  I still don’t have a better title for it, or any idea as to what do to for cover art.  I’m soooo close to getting it published and finished and all pretty like, but my lack of creativity is rearing it’s ugly head and I just can’t seem to find a good title.

Maybe someday soon I will.  But as for what else it going on, I’ve entered a Minecraft building competition with the Gaming Club here at college and that too will be consuming my time.  I’m building something super-duper awesome that it will make everyone else jealous.

Other than that, I have the next Black-Heart installment I will be finishing up soon, for those of you reading it.

So, all is more or less well and fine here.

Happy Writing!



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