Black-Heart: Dark Dreams

The blackness was suffocating, surrounding Aaron, crushing him, holding him in place.  Aaron blinked, trying to discern where he was.  The last thing he remembered was opening his mind up and then the sudden burst of pain in his head.

Straining against the darkness holding him in place, he tired to move his arms, or any other part of his body.  It was no use though, he couldn’t feel his limbs.  It felt as if he was floating, but with the darkness, he could have been anywhere.

Demon! came the whisper, echoing through the dark.

Aaron strained to see, to listen.  The whisper had been clearer than he’d ever heard it.

A spike of pain shot through his temple and he winced, gritting his teeth.

The pain subsided and the darkness started to change.  Light has suddenly appeared before him, illuminating a black fog that surrounded him.  He tried to peer through the fog to no avail.  As he watched though it started to form into something.

He blinked, trying to make out what he was seeing.  Through the fog, he could see something that could have been an anvil of sorts, illuminated by ghostly glow of a white-hot fire-pit.

A forge? he wondered to himself.  What is this?  Why…?

Demon!  I will kill the Demon!

There it was again.  The whisper, clearer than ever.

Aaron strained to see through the fog.  There was someone at the forge.  Now that he was focused on him, Aaron could hear the tapping sound of metal on metal.  The figure was working at the forge, making something.

Kill!  I’m going to kill him!

What is he talking about? thought Aaron.  He could feel the waves of anger, hatred… and darkness emanating from the figure.  With each strike of metal, Aaron could feel the anger and the raw power building around him, suffocating him.

Aaron watched helplessly as the figured work.  The suffocating presence of the anger and hatred was threatening to overwhelm him the longer he watched through the fog.  Then the figure shifted, holding up the piece of metal he’d been working.  Gripped tightly in a pair of tongs, he turned and plunged it into a cauldron of water.  Steam billowed up, with a loud hiss!

The Demon will die…they will all die… came the whisper as the steam enveloped the figure.

The pressure suffocating Aaron overwhelmed him then and he couldn’t fight it.  There was nothing he could do.  His vision started to fade as he struggled to pull away from the pressure around him.  Suddenly he could feel the familiar presence of the curse slowly seeping into him mind.  With it came a cold, dark feeling.  There was power in it, he knew, but he had to resist.  He couldn’t allow himself to be swallowed up by it again.

Aaron struggled.  Closing his eyes he fought it, but there was nothing he could do.

As the presence closed around him mind, he forced the mental barriers that had protected his mind to close and with the last of his will he cried out at the top of his lungs, his voice echoing in the darkness, “NO!”

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