Read an Ebook! March 4th to the 10th!



*Stands and cheers*  It’s Read an Ebook Week!  March 4th through the 10th! And since it’s already the 5th, I’m a little behind.  Nonetheless, all this week participating authors on Smashwords will have their ebooks on sale!  So pick one up and start reading this week and help out indie authors!

And in honor of this week, Star Catcher will be 50% off using this promo-code: REW50.

So pick up your copy this week at half-off!

Also, I finally got around to publishing on Amazon since Smashwords, as I have found out doesn’t seem to distribute to them.  I did some looking around, but I have no clue as to why they don’t.  So whatever.  Star Catcher is on Amazon now and on B&N too.  The promo-code above is only good for Smashwords though, I’m not sure if any other sites are doing Read an Ebook Week Specials, but if you want too, you can pick up a copy there too.

Happy reading!


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