Aaron Black

As I’m sure most of you know I’ve been writing a lot about Aaron lately, continuing his story and for those of you readying it, I hope you’re enjoying it.  College has been tough on me lately so I haven’t been able to do much with my writing save for a small scene here or there and those scenes have taken the shape of the next installment of Aaron’s story.

And having that creative outlet has kept me sane.  Lately I’ve been thinking about where Aaron’s story is going when I have down time.  I’m not sure where it will go, but I figured I should at least define Aaron’s character more since his story is going to be dominating my thoughts for a while yet.

Aaron is a very strong willed person, and was from a young age.  He has no memories of ever having a family.  He earliest memories are of his initial training to be a Protector when he was still relatively young.  So from that day on he was shaped by his training and those who trained him.  He had little knowledge of the outside world and when he was finally ready, they sent him out to be part of a force that was supposed to bring peace to a war torn and broken galaxy.

It wasn’t soon after that he was selected to be the wielder of a special weapon.  He was told nothing about it and was sent on missions to see his reaction and how he used it.  That weapon was a large, heavy, black, seven-shot pistol.  All that he was told was that it was a powerful weapon and that it was one of a kind so not to loose it.

What he found was that the weapon was cursed and that curse soon consumed him turning him into a shell of his former self.  Unlike the others who the weapon had been tested with, his mind did not break down under the curse.  Instead, he slowly, steadily became a demon, carrying out his orders with an efficiency that went beyond what was required of him.  He found himself committing more and more atrocities as the years dragged, gaining him the name Black-Heart amongst his peers and others.

It didn’t take him long to realize he had to get rid of the weapon and escape if he ever wanted to regain control of himself.  There was no way to do that though.  Then, in the midst of a large battle in the city Ksalvis he found his chance.  As the city crumbled around him, he was mortally wounded and buried under a collapsed building, the pistol buried somewhere underneath as well.  He’d awoken after the battle, in the calm, his body having regenerated due to the enhancements that he had received during his early years of training.  What he found was that he was suddenly freed of the curse’s grasp.  Leaving the weapon buried and forgotten, he escaped and was able to make it to a far flung fringe world where he set up a new life for himself.

And that’s where his story starts.

So with that little bit of background info, let’s take a look at who he is as a person.  From his training he became a very hardened person with not much being able to phase him.  He speaks in concise sentences, not feeling that his words need to be explained.  As he had no memory of a family, or any relations outside of those he trained with, he doesn’t keep very many ties to people and as a result has very few friends or acquaintances.  This works out fine for him as he likes the solitude of the skies and hates when people intrude upon him.

With his new found freedom he, generally does what he wants and doesn’t let the whims of others deter him.  He has a strong will and a underneath the shell that he projects he is a generally caring person, though he would never let anyone see him as such.

He developed a taste for alcohol when he tried to drown himself in it while the curse still had ahold of him, but found he could not due to the enhancements he’d received during training.  So instead he uses it to try and blur the memories of his past.

Physical traits include, short-cut, jet-black hair, grey eyes, average height, and a well-toned build to his body.  He wears a dark leather jacket that and a set of thick-weave work pants.  For the most part he tires to blend in, though his physical abilities are the opposite of the average human.  From his training and the enhancements he received, his speed is greatly increased as well as his strength.  Augmented by nano-machines his healing and regenerative abilities are well above normal and he can survive some of the most fatal wounds that would kill a normal person.

As for this gift everyone keeps telling him that he has, even he does not know what it is.

And that about covers everything I think for him.  I’m sure there will be more to develop during the story as I continue with it.  Next post, if I get a chance, I want to talk about the thoughts I’ve been having on adding immortals to the story.  That could get interesting.

Until next time!  Cheers!


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