A Long Time Coming…

Cue the applause!  It’s celebration time!

I started writing about Jayko way back in middle school and have kept up with writing about him for a long time since.  Sure the stories may have changed over the years, my writing improved, but it’s still the same old Jayko and I have finally published his story!

Starcatcher - Cover - Final - Resized

Jayko Troven lost his family at the age of six. Adopted by Aronon, the Captain of the Star Catcher, a freelance cargo ship, Jayko grew up traveling from one star to the next. Restless from a life of work and travel, he wonders if there is more out there for him in the galaxy. But, when the captain takes on a cargo destined for Jayko’s homeworld, events from the past come rushing back to Jayko, dredging up memories he’d buried long ago. As trouble starts to brew in the skies above his homeworld, he must make a difficult decision about the cargo that could usher in a new era or destroy the planet he’d once called home.

Here it is!  Star Catcher can now be found as an Ebook on Smashwords.com, and if all goes well, Apple, Amazon and most places you can buy Ebooks very soon!

I am soooooooo thrilled!  I’ve finally done it after so many years!  With more than a little help from friends and family!  Daniel, a good friend of mine here at college re-did the cover art for me and it looks great.  I definitely owe him big for doing that for me, and everyone else who has helped me edit it.

So here’s my shout-out to everyone whose helped me over the years!  Thank you!  Everyone!  I couldn’t have done it without all of your support!  Open-mouthed smile

Be sure to pick up your copy of it today!  And don’t forget to tell your friends and family and everyone else! Smile



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4 responses to “A Long Time Coming…

  1. Emily Tousseau

    Congratz! :)

  2. Susan

    Congratulations, James! I like the cover art.

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