One Word


That’s not the one word, but it is a word, or sort of… I’m not sure it’s in the dictionary.  Whatever.  As for this one word, it’s driving me completely up a wall!  College is doing that too, but what I’m trying to say is that I. Am. One. Word. From. Finishing. Star Catcher!

And then I can publish, well after the touch-up on the cover art is done.  Either way, I’m sooooooooo close I can feel it.  It’s an interesting feeling.

Anyway, this word, it’s one word as I said before, and it’s the name of a planet in the story.  Not just any planet though, it’s my main character’s home planet.  I’d came up with a name for it before, but it was more of a placeholder name as I didn’t really like it, and it didn’t fit the planet.  This planet is out of the way from the other habitable planets in the galaxy where Star Catcher takes place, so it’s referred to as the forgotten colony or the lost colony by most people, that is if they’ve heard of it.

It’s a nice earth-like planet that has barely been touched at all by humans, as such it has few settlements on it, and they aren’t very large settlements at that.  Because of it’s location, no one is willing to travel out to it frequently, so it get’s bypassed and forgotten throughout history and then rediscovered periodically.  It’s a nice place if you’re looking to get away from the bustle of the core worlds.

But—grrrr—I don’t have a name for it yet.  It’s name is only mentioned once in the book, and after that, not at all.

The name is kind of important to me as it’s an important planet.  Way back when humanity colonized this galaxy it was the first planet to be settled.  (Not that this is a big factor in the book, or that the characters even know this).

So I need a name.  I’ve done my research asked friends and family about it, gotten many suggestions and I’ think I like the name Vale.

It’s a synonym for Earth, so I thought it appropriate since it’s an earth-like world and was the first to be colonized.  I haven’t fully decided on this as a name for it or not.  I would like suggestions if anyone has any ideas.  Any?  At all?



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3 responses to “One Word

  1. Tessa

    I thought the one word was going to be fin. I like the name Vale, it works I think. I was also going to say to think of what we name planets now because it was when humans first started getting out into space.

  2. Nancy

    Well, I’m a few days late on this, but did you decide on Vale as the name at last? I know we discussed this, but not sure what you finally picked! And what we as humans named planets at first seems to be for gods, then scientists did whole other naming conventions.

    • I did decide on Vale finally. I did see the two distinct naming conventions as I was doing my research. I think the planet should have a scientific name, but have it be that later on it was given a more practical name like Vale. I don’t know. I still have a little time left if I want to change it. =)

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