Star Catcher: Last Edit

I’m officially back at college and after my first day of class I am tired.  Got my first homework assignment done on the first day too, so that’s a plus.  One less thing for me to worry about.

In between bouts of binging on Skyrim, I am working on finishing up exactly what the title of this post says; the last edit of Star Catcher.  If I can finish this last edit up, I will be able to get it polished up completely and see what I can do about getting it put up with Smashwords, an EBook distributer, for those you who haven’t heard of them.  Supposedly they distribute in all the favorite EBook formats and will be able to get my book out there.

It’ll be a challenge to get it out there and publicize it, but I am going to try.  I keep hearing how people aren’t reading Sci-Fi that much anymore and most of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy fans are reading fantasy books and whatnot, so we’ll see if anyone picks it up, but anyway I’m getting ahead of myself.  I need to focus on editing and getting it polished up.  I’m about halfway through the book itself, reading along with two windows open at the same time: Word 2007 with all the edits and red ink, and the editor window for yWriter, my favorite writing program.  I’ve got it down to mostly small errors that need to be caught and corrected like small misspells and little grammar errors.  That sort of thing.

So, short-ish post tonight.  I will try and get more of the Aaron Black-Heart story up sooner or later.  I have ideas and thoughts stewing on what is going to happen with him.  I’m not really sure where the story with him is going, so it may taper off or it may result in a gut-wrenching climax of awesomeness.

That said, is anyone awaiting the next installment of his story or has anyone been keeping up at all?

Leave me a comment below if you are or aren’t keeping up to let me know if I should push along with his story in the next few posts or not.

Until next time.  Cheers!


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One response to “Star Catcher: Last Edit

  1. Nancy Uravich Freeland

    Wondering if the red-headed Jay is anyone else we might know from another story…
    I would like to know where this is heading…can’t tell yet.

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