Liar Liar, Finals and Thoughts About Sci-Fi

Well, I lied back when I said I would be able to get back to a more regular, semi-frequent posting schedule.  Final hit right after NaNoWriMo ended and studying took over my life.  But that’s all over now and I am back home where I can maybe get some more writing done while my sister monopolizes the Xbox playing Skyrim.

Aaron Black’s story keeps floating around in my head and I’m itching to continue it even though I need to finish what I started with NaNoWriMo.  I’m pretty sure I should be able to do both, but now that I’m not on a time crunch I can take my time with finishing off the one story and working on Aaron’s.  It should make for an interesting balancing act as I still want to try and put the last finishing touches on Star Catcher and see if I can publish it as an eBook, or if I should even try.  I keep hearing about how every author good or otherwise is publishing their books as eBooks now that it’s so easy and I wonder if I should even do that.  Sci-Fi is not a very strong genre as most people aren’t really interested in it anymore. 

Normally you hear about how all the great Sci-Fi books from way back when we thought the future was something new and cool.  Now we’ve reached the future and there’s new and cool tech and futuristic stuff coming at us nearly everyday what with how fast computers and technology are progressing.  It makes it hard to write a Sci-Fi that’s actually futuristic since we live in the future.

That’s my view on the subject and it brings up a question pertaining to what I write.  I write what you could call space opera Sci-Fi, similar to Star Wars but without Jedi and Sith.  The game company Bioware did an excellent job creating an epic, truly futuristic Sci-Fi space opera with their game Mass Effect (that’s just my personal opinion) – but my point is that it’s not so easy to find epic Sci-Fi stories because there aren’t that many any more – maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places, but you don’t hear about them like you do the other big fantasy books out there right now.  Again, I may be looking in the wrong places or not keeping up on current going-on’s as well, or whatever.

But coming back to the question that I keep coming up with:  Would anyone want to read my novel if I published it?  Would it be worth it?

I guess it doesn’t really matter if I do or don’t, but I’ll never know if I don’t publish it.  Either way, I can still say it’s my novel, be proud that I wrote it even if I only wrote it for myself and not the world or the other Sci-Fi fans out there, though it would be pretty cool if they liked it.

Anyway, I’ll leave it at that if anyone wants to chime in with their input.

Next post I’m going to do another installment to the Aaron Black short-story.  Even if not one else does, I want to know what’s going to happen next to him.  And especially what’s up with that gun of his.




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2 responses to “Liar Liar, Finals and Thoughts About Sci-Fi

  1. S. Uravich

    Wonder if you are familiar with this Japanes sci-fi classic I heard about on NPR:

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