Day 15 of NaNoWriMo

Word Count: 22691

Blarg!  College is killing me!  I want to play Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim so bad, but I have two midterms to study for and NaNoWriMo!  I’ve been trying to cram studying into my schedule (along with a little play time on Skyrim) so I’ve been neglecting my word count.  I didn’t write at all yesterday.  Well, that’s not technically true.  I did do some writing on a technical report assignment that I have due tomorrow.  And thankfully after tomorrow I will be done with both my midterms.  We’ll see how well I do on both of them – Physics with Calculus 212 and Engineering 211: Statics.  Both equally hard classes if you don’t know what your doing in them.  I’m not to worried about Statics, but Physics has been kicking my butt.  Mostly the calculus part of it.

That said, I don’t have much of an update on my writing.  I’m behind, that’s the gist of it.  But I was able to get half a pretty action-y fight scene written Sunday night.  The storyline is starting to get to a good part in my opinion, the characters are starting to take action to try and get their situation sorted out.  My main character is still moping about the fact that he lost his last true family, but at least he’s trying to do something to remedy that, even if he is being pig-headed and stupid about it.  Loss can drive people to do some crazy things, and he is no exception.  Good thing he’s got his friends there to try and talk some sense into him.  Not that it’s helping… yet.  I have plans, vague plans, but plans none-the-less.

And… off to morning class I go!  Cheers and happy writing!


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