So…Um… Cover Art

I’m speechless.  Yeah…  Never thought that I could be anything of an artist.  I still don’t.  But I do a damn fine job of making use of Photoshop’s various tools.  And boy Photoshop never cooperates with me.  I think it took me about four hours, give or take a half an hour, plus the time it takes to write this post.  I couldn’t wait until tomorrow—which I’m leaving open for homework and other stuff, so I had to get this finished tonight when I started it.

I don’t have more than one sketch or picture to show you all.  I’m afraid I only was able to scan one in, the other one got dismissed in the early stages and is now just a nice sketch, but this one I took all the way and it turned out quite nicely I think.

Here it is for all to see, the culmination of all my artistic talent with a pencil and a computer, the cover for Star Catcher:

Image (3) -- Finished

Wow, that’s bright!

I never thought that it would turn out the way it did.  I had some sort of image similar to this in my mind, but you know how it goes.  Nothing is ever the way it is imagined.

I still can’t get over how well I did on the shadowing, or the lens flare.  That worked out unexpectedly bright.  I may have to go back and turn it down just a notch.  Then again, sunrises in space are really that bright, or close enough.  Just for comparison’s sake I’m going to post the sketch before it’s makeover.

Image (3)

Yeah, quite the difference, isn’t it.

So, feedback time: What do you think?  Give me your thoughts, criticism, everything. Does is make a good cover?  Is it worth a thousand words?  Or fifty thousand—I’m joking.

This is my first attempt at anything remotely like this.  I colored a sketch of Jayko way back when on Photoshop for the fun of it, but that’s the only other thing I’ve done like this.  Honestly, I’m ecstatic right now at how it turned out.  I see a few things that I may need to go back and touch up, but they are minor things and I made about a dozen different saves so I could go back and do touch-up work if I needed to.  It’s all good.

So there you have it.  Cover art for Star Catcher.  Let me know what you think.




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6 responses to “So…Um… Cover Art

  1. I have taught you well my young padawan. :)
    Actually I’m not all that sure that I could’ve done better with photoshop, you’ll have to show me how you did that with the sun!

    btw I like it.

    • The effect with the sun is just a lens flare. It’s under the render option, along with a few other cool lighting things. Glad you like it!

  2. daniel

    I very much like it. That cover definently interests me enough to pick it up and read the back. Great job! =D

  3. A.D. Jansen

    I like the cover. I’d consider buying a book with a cover like that.

  4. @ Everyone: Thank you for the feedback! :)

  5. I really like the way this turned out! Not sure it needs any more work at all. Love the flare and glare.

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