Well, after a hectic and crazy past few days I am back at college in the dorms once again.  I’ve got most of my things unpacked and put away or set up, but there is still a lot to do for the coming year.  On top of that, I need to get back to my writing or editing, whichever I have the time or inspiration for.  I also need to do more sketching of cover ideas.  I figure I will try and work on that in the next few days.  I definitely have a list of things that I will be working on.

  1. Work on cover art.  Sketching, coloring, etc.
  2. Edit Star Catcher one more time.
  3. See if I can find a friend to read/proof for me too.
  4. Post more on blog.  (I need to do this more if I am going to get my writing spirit back)
  5. Do all of this while trying to keep up with school.  (That shouldn’t be too hard—famous last words right?)

I think that’s about it for that list.  I still have list of things that I am trying to finish other wise as well to get my dorm room up to par for this year and myself for that matter.  Well, then, off to start on my list I go.  Cheers!


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