Mixing it Up

It’s been a little while since I’ve written an update, what with that last post being a Random Short and all.  With summer winding down and college starting up again, I have been packing up all of my things and running between my home near Medford and the city of Eugene.  About a three hour trip one-way by car.  And I have one more trip to make in the next few days that will plant me in Corvallis and back at OSU for this coming year of college.  Go Beavers!  (And Go Ducks!  –since my sister is one of them.)

So, needless to say I have not had much time to sit and write, edit, or work on making a cover for my novel in the past few days.  My creativity is more or less drained for the moment.  When I get settled back at college it should return though.

Alright, I did spend some of my free time playing a game called Minecraft.  It’s a rather addicting sandbox survival build-whatever-you-can-imagine type game.  The world is made of meter cubed blocks and it’s a lot like playing with Legos, if you ever played with them as a child, or as an adult.  (I’m still a huge Lego fanatic even though I’m in college).  So that has been eating up some of my time too.

As for that Random Short last post, that was an attempt to write a limited-third-person scene looking more or less through the eyes of a man with, currently, no name and a pretty unusual case of amnesia.  Feedback anyone?  We’ll see where this storyline takes our nameless man in the next Random Short.

That’s it for the update tonight!  I’ll have something more after I am settled back in college.  Maybe I will actually get some sketching done and come up with a cover, who knows.  Cheers!



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3 responses to “Mixing it Up

  1. Emily Tousseau

    Hey, I want to see some of you ideas for a cover, perhaps I could help you out.
    Oh, and let me know when you are all settled back in Corvallis and I will come say hi! :)

    • Sure thing, I’ve only got one idea sketched out, but I can always use the help! And I should hopefully be settled back in Corvallis by tomorrow evening. :)

  2. Emily Tousseau

    That’s alright, I’d love to help if I can!
    Nice, I’m moving up there today as well! haha

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