Ah Canada!

So, right now I am currently in Canada and will be making my way down to the U.S. border heading back home to Oregon from Alaska.  This trip will take my at least a week if not two to get back home and I will post when I can, but do expect some delays until I get back where I can and will be posting more frequently.  It’s turning out so far to be an interesting trip that has taken me through some spectacular scenery.  I am taking pictures as I go along and I may post some here when I get back home or when I find some time.

I haven’t been able to think much about my writing and believe me, I never am able to stop thinking about my writing, but with all the running around and sight-seeing I’ve been doing, I’ve been preoccupied, which is fine.  That said, this is going to be a really short post as I don’t have much to say.  It’s been a lot of driving, a lot of fun scenery, that has given me some ideas for settings for my stories and I’ve toyed with the thought of putting some of my ideas up here—what am I saying?  That’s what this blog is about!  My story ideas!  So I will probably post something on story settings for the next post if I get some extra time to write during the trip.  For now though, cheers and see you next post!

Oh, and a Happy Birthday shout-out to my father whom I am traveling with since today is his birthday!


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