Violet Reyes

Violet is another of my major characters in Star Catcher and I wanted to develop her some more outside the story so I could see what I could improve upon with her in the story.  I want her to come back in future stories too, so I need to have a solid background for her.  In Star Catcher I created a sort of love interest between the two.  And I want to pursue that in some ways and in others I want to drive them apart.  I’ll let the story take it’s own course though, but here are my thoughts.

Somehow, I want to model Violet after Jayko as he will be in the future in some ways; experienced, trained, yet determined to get her way.  She has to have a strong personality to put up with Jayko and yet be able to show her feelings for him.  She needs more of a past too if I am going to bring them together (I never did really define her past in the story).  What I want to drive them apart is her irritation at Jayko’s inability to open up to her.  She wants to be sympathetic, empathetic and to help him overcome this emotional block that was put in him by the trauma in his past, but he keeps pushing her back.  What I want to bring them together is Jayko’s determination and fighting spirit, something she admires.

Starting from there and what I have in the story already, I’ve come up with this for her personality:

She is strong willed and always ready for a fight, yet she is caring and respecting of those who deserve it.  Not particularly an introvert but does like her alone time just like anyone. She is mature, but can goof off when she feels like it.  She likes getting to know people; is a bit of a teaser, mostly toward Jayko though.  She is a team payer and always looks for ways to help out. And she’s a bit of an adventurer too.

Building off of that for her skills:

She has her infantry training from her time in the military (mentioned this in Star Catcher) consisting of hand to hand combat, weapons training, as well as survival training.  Knows basic maintenance routines for ships (the reason she works maintenance on the Star Catcher).  She is a decent shot with any weapon she can get her hands on.  Has basic field training with a medical kit.  She likes to watch old vids so she knows lots of movie trivia (don’t know if that’s really a skill or just an interesting fact).

As for her history, this is what I am leaning toward, but I’m still working on building her background, so I’m open to criticism and suggestions.

She was born on a fringe planet where her parents owned a large plot of land that they worked to make a living off of.  This wasn’t the life for Violet though, she wanted to see the galaxy so she signed up with the military to look for some action and travel at the same time.  She served four years in the military before her tour ended rather uneventfully.  Not wanting to end up with another boring tour stuck on a carrier as infantry she decided to sign on with a freelance cargo crew to gain a different type of adventure and outlook on life.  She signed on with the Star Catcher which ended up taking her all over the fringe and showing her more action in two years than she had seen as infantry in four.

And that’s about what I’ve got for her.  It’s a rather rough idea that I’ve tried to develop into something and for a background it’s not too bad.  I really want to use her in the next story that I’m going to do for NaNoWriMo 2011, and I want her to be a big part of it.  Jayko will still be the main character, but she is going to be the one to keep him strong.  But that’s a story for another post!


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