First Leap

Hello all!  As this is my first post, so I should probably introduce myself.  My name is James Freeland.  I am a gamer, a college student and a beginning writer you could say, more or less.  I have been writing for a few years now, just as a hobby.  I have not been published as of yet, but that is the goal that I am working toward and one of the focus’ of this blog.   However, the main focus of this blog is my writing.

Some background on my writing: I completed two full novel length works in high school (along with the handful of other stories started but never finished), the first titled The Titan Mystery. The story followed a group of commandos working for a private company and their boss as he searched for a lost fleet of starships.  The characters were fun to write about and I worked to add lots interaction between them as well as action, but when I started editing, it fell apart on me.  I figured it needed more of a backstory, so I ‘trunked it’ so to speak and put it away for later.

The second novel length work I completed was titled Theo’s Story and was about the discovery of faster than light travel and what would happen if the corporations that controlled the asteroid belt in our solar system got ahold of it before anyone else.  I was surprised with myself when I wrote this one, I’d never attempted to write anything from an outline.  I completed this work and started editing it.  It still needs a little work and I feel that there should be more character development, but it’s as complete as it’s going to be for the moment.

This last November I participated in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and I just barely completed a story just over 52,000 words while keeping up on my studies during my first year of college.  Personally this is my favorite out of the three that I have written so far.  My goal for this novel is to self-publish it as an eBook.  I still have quite a ways to go with it before reaching that goal, but it will happen in due time.

Until then I plan to edit, work on character development and expand upon the universe that this story set it in.  This is the part where I say that I’m ‘jumping ship’ on the real world and losing myself in the story.  This is also the part where the title of this blog comes into play.  I do intend to lose myself in the story and my thoughts and ideas and post them here for anyone and everyone to read, enjoy and if so inclined, give feedback on.  I am an open book for this sort of thing and I would like to hear back from anyone who reads, but that’s all up to you out there. 

As this whole thing is totally new to me, to start out I plan on posting when I can and more or less as frequently as I can.  I’ll try to have new stuff up a couple times a week, but in the coming weeks I am taking a road trip, so the schedule for updates into my writing universe may be erratic.  Odd time to be starting a blog when I’m just about to go on a road trip where I may not have time to write or update, I know, but I’ve been waiting to do this for a while and there’s no better time like the present to start!

In the next couple of posts, I think I will start out with an intro to my current project and introduce the characters and maybe the current storyline.  After that, who knows, we’ll see.  Cheers and happy reading out there!


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  1. Nancy

    Hey James! I want to go on record saying I liked both Theo’s story and the NaNoWriMo story. Hard to say which I liked better, tho. Keep on writing! N

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